Walk to Work Day: What’s In It For Me?


Get a huge ROI from walking! Image: Pixabay.com under Creative Commons CCo

We’re all interested in getting the biggest “bang for the buck.”

But what about the biggest return on our investment of time and energy?

Keeping fit isn’t about joining a gym – although that can be part of it. It’s about making small changes that become daily habits. In ways that can be maintained over the long haul.

It’s simply about moving more.


Small steps add up! Image: Pixabay.com under Creative Commons CCo

Small changes for big rewards

Using your own steam to increase your activity is the simplest, easiest way to get more exercise. It’s not glamourous. It’s not flashy. But it’s free and available 24/7.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a single block or a single flight of stairs. If you add it to your routine, you’ll reap the benefits.

Your heart and lungs will thank you. You’ll lower your risk of diabetes and high blood pressure. Your mental concentration will be sharper.

Why a designated day?

  • It’s a great way to encourage people to try walking all or part of their commute. They may find they enjoy it and resolve to keep it up.
  • It can be a rallying point for public health and health non-profits in Ontario to message about the many benefits of walking.
  • It can help improve walkability by drawing political attention to areas with poor walking conditions.

Sign the petition to show public support for a Walk to Work Day!

Think it’s a good idea? Show your support by signing the petition on change.org and please, share it with others. Your signature may help MPP Peter Tabuns get a bill passed for a Walk to Work Day in Ontario.

Support for a Walk to Work Day in Ontario

  • On November 14, 2017 MPP Peter Tabuns will introduce a bill to the Ontario legislative assembly to proclaim a Walk to Work Day in Ontario on the first Friday of May annually.
  • Walk Toronto officially endorsed the proposal.
  • I wrote to 39 Ontario municipalities about this initiative. Several expressed interest and support which may translate into action.
  • Mayor Gordon Krantz of the Town of Milton quickly took action with a Walk to Work Day Proclamation for the Town of Milton (click for PDF; see text below). Thank you Mayor Krantz for your support!

Milton’s Mayor Gordon Krantz Proclaims Walk to Work Day

October 2017

Mayor’s Proclamation
Walk to Work Day

WHEREAS A lack of physical activity plays a leading role in rising rates of obesity, diabetes and other health problems and being able to walk to work offers an opportunity to build activity into daily routine

AND WHEREAS Walking to work positively contributes to the reduction of traffic congestion and air pollution

AND WHEREAS This day shall provide an opportunity for workers in Milton, Ontario to walk safely to and from work with a strong effort to promote and encourage healthy and active lifestyles and create safe environmental conditions for residents to walk to their place of work.

NOW THEREFORE, I Mayor Gordon Krantz of the Town of Milton, do hereby proclaim Friday, May 4th, 2018 as Walk to Work Day in the Town of Milton and encourage support of its campaign.

Signed by Mayor Gordon Krantz, Town of Milton

Milton mayor's proclamation

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