Stretch Your Eyes

My husband is a visual artist and over the years I’ve become accustomed to his way of expressing himself with unexpected language that makes me think twice. One day many years ago as we left Toronto on a road trip, he commented: “It’s so great to get out and stretch my eyes!”

I’ve learned that ‘stretching’ your eyes is actually good for you too. Working at a computer as I do, eyestrain is a concern and I try to stay aware of how long I’m looking at the screen without changing my focus. I know that the colour green is the most restful, so I place a few plants where I can easily glance at them during the day.

The explains:

Lens Focusing Stretch

One way to relieve eye strain is to work the muscles that focus the lens inside of your eye. This can be accomplished by having your eye focus on objects at different distances from the eye.

With this in mind, I want to show you some of the wonderful sights I’ve encountered by chance while stretching my eyes on my walk to work in Toronto. Looking up, across and down, I also like to vary the distance of my subjects to get a good visual workout!

Looking down

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Looking across

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Looking up

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Conclusion: Focus outward

When I review these photos, I feel like I’ve taken a mini-vacation from my life. And that’s honestly how I feel most days on my walking commute. Maybe I’m just an escapist, but I feel lucky to have learned that it’s ok and even good for me to be in the ‘here & now’ – even on work days! And it’s a great bonus to know that the simple act of looking around while I’m walking can help prevent eyestrain.

Of course, it’s possible to walk in the city without looking around much, especially if you are multitasking while walking. If you want to stay in your own thoughts, looking down is probably your best bet.

And maybe you want to focus most of your energy and attention on things that have a concrete payoff, rather than take in the sights while you’re walking.  If so, I challenge you to change your walking attitude: give yourself permission to pay attention to things that don’t make you better at your job or better looking!

The world around you is rich with treasures. All you have to do to discover them is pay attention.

For me, looking all around makes every walk experience engaging and unique.  And it’s good for me!

So I encourage you to stretch your eyes.

What do you see?
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5 thoughts on “Stretch Your Eyes

  1. With your tip about stretching your eyes I think I am going to have to get some plants for my workstation at work. I did not know that about placing something green such as a plant does this for you. I don’t spend a great deal of time at my desk but when I do it’s not very pleasing to the eyes.

    Do you always take the same route to work everyday? Or do you mix it up depending on time and weather conditions?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for your comment and good luck with your new workplace plants! I have some flexibility as to walking route and it’s often the timing of traffic lights that makes the choice for me 🙂 But in winter the likelihood of cleared sidewalks is a major factor – commercial stretches are more reliable than residential streets.


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