All About Us! A Survey of Walking Commuters

Person fills in survey on a clipboard

Image: under Creative Commons CCo

Do you walk all or part of your Toronto commute, even occasionally?

Do you think it would be interesting to find out about other people who walk to work? Do  you love FitBits – or find them unfathomable? Do you wonder how many walkers are, quite simply, just tightwads?

So do I!

Take my short survey and your completely anonymous feedback will help shape a future post – sharing the results of the survey – on this site.

Survey: Ten Questions for Walking Commuters

And thanks in advance for forwarding this survey to your connections, some of whom may be walking commuters too.

Here are some handy buttons below – click one for an easy way to share.  Much appreciated!


7 thoughts on “All About Us! A Survey of Walking Commuters

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